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6 Apr


Ways to improve your sleep

Good quality sleep is an essential component for great physical and mental awareness. 



Here are some small things you can try to add into your sleep routine to improve the quality of your sleep.



Consistent wake up times

Buy a new mattress

Download a sleep app

Drink camomile tea

Have a warm bath with magnesium bath salts

Use essential oils


Remove light sources

Read a book before bed

Charge your phone in another room


Listen to nature sounds

Remove TV and electrical items 

Create a relaxing atmosphere

Use supplements

Avoid caffeine

Use linen sheets

Workout regularly


Try breathwork

Practice yoga

Talk to a sleep professional

Avoid eating late

Invest in comfortable pillows

Limit daytime naps

Increase calmness

Listen to soothing music

Dim the lights

Wear something comfortable

Cultivate peace and quiet

Keep your room cool

Use a lavender pillow spray

Follow a wind down routine

Disconnect from devices

Access to fresh air and sunlight

Be mindful of alcohol

Quit smoking

Keep a sleep diary

Almonds, walnuts and kiwis can aid sleep



It is important to maintain consistency and commit to changes



Which 3 will you try first?

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